New Minecraft Website!

I’m getting a new blog/website! The link should be:, It won’t be interesting to most people, it’s mainly about Minecraft ;P (As you could imagine👆)

For the four people interested, it’ll be home to posts about mods, trivia, etc., anything you can imagine with Minecraft and me!!

Quick Recap

Hi, I’m Vale. I haven’t been on the blog much, but I want to change that! I’m working on some amazing Scratch projects – games, algorithms, experiments, you know! What’s going on in my life? Well, nothing much now, but soon to come. Soon to come.

I’m back!

Every day or so I’ll upload a new thing to the blog, so you all can check for new updates whenever, and you might find something hilarious!


Humans are nice to you. they all have things inside of them called “cells”  and lots and  lots and lots chemicals! They have a brain to think with, joints that makes your body move and cartilage. most parts of your body don’t have as much cartilage. P.S. your nose is made out of cartilage!